Newly minted Real Housewife Gina Lyons on her Cy Twombly boyfriend and bathroom full of pics

to The Real Housewives Devotees (those who worship the Bravo franchise, its elite group of elites, and the infamous carnival of drama that follows them), fashion phenomenon Gina Lyons was the surprise announcement of the show’s New York reboot (premiering July 16). Each of the women featured in Andy Cohen’s world of reality TV, of course, comes with a certain amount of cultural appeal, but Lyons, as head of J. C. Crowds — both among fashion-savvy fans and everyday shoppers alike, with a few A Met Gala tribute to her name is her dedicated following who have studied her “Jenna Anthology” in J.Crew catalogs like Bible passages.

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A hallmark of smart-but-casual clothing throughout the 2000s, the designer and entrepreneur’s status on the soap series (often seen as something of a guilty pleasure) was shocking, but fun. Six years after leaving the role that made her a household name, the fashion star is back in the spotlight — and so is her Manhattan home, which she notes will be featured on the show. So how do the aesthetic preferences of “the woman who wears America” manifest in her abode? Newest member of The Real Housewives of New York He draws us a picture while posting it upstairs in Soho one afternoon while getting ready for Ronnie 2.0 debut.

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Jenna Lyons: New York, New York.

How would you describe the style of your home?

I would say eclectic. I think in the whole house maybe a couple of things are new. Everything in my house is old and not from one era. It’s not like I have a mid-century modern home or like I’m going 70’s. It’s everywhere. I enjoy when things are pushed against each other, when they don’t seem like they are supposed to match. I think the same about clothes. I appreciate something that feels quite the opposite: a tailored jacket paired with super slouchy jeans. This really continues in my home life.

What kitchen item do you use every day?

I have a seltzer machine and I use this thing every day. It’s a built in thing, not a push button. It looks like a bar faucet. It contains seltzer, sparkling water, and chilled and filtered fresh water from the tap. This was the first thing (I added) when I was taken here while doing the design (of the apartment). I used to have (Sodastream), and literally, if someone had to do that horrible schnauzer again… I just can’t.

What is your favorite home gadget or appliance?

I have a circular cheese grater – or just a grater for anything. And it’s beautiful. When I found him, I was like, “How? Where has my whole life been?” I’m really into that thing, it comes in big and small kid; I have a baby at the beach and we have a great mom at home. I give them as gifts because it’s such a beautiful thing. It’s from a company called Boska – from Holland, of course.

Photo: Bosca

Boska cheese grater

Oslo mini table grater

Oslo mini table grater

Photo: Bosca

Boska Oslo spur

Oslo table grater

Oslo table grater

What are your sleeping rituals?

I’m not super ritualistic. Wish I could say I was. Sometimes I just crawl into bed and don’t do anything and fall asleep in 2 seconds. Sometimes I like to stay up late watching a show in bed or reading. There is no ritual. But I am a big fan of the water dropper. And I have a real leaf. I have issues with the pillows and sheets. I prefer them wonderful.

So what’s the perfect bedding setting for you?

I can’t sleep without Sfera Giza sheets. They are the only important thing in life. My pillows are from Cuddledown and they are amazing. It is by far the most luxurious and important thing in my home. I discovered them years ago, and was very lucky to shoot my home for a magazine, but I had just moved when they came to shoot, so I hadn’t really discovered the bedding. I had a new baby and I felt overwhelmed. The team asked if I would need any props and I raised the mattress. They came with these spare sheets and I literally laid on the bed that night and said, “I mean, who needs sex when you have these sheets?”

What is your favorite room in the house and why?

bedroom. This is where all the magic happens.

Photo: Sfera

Giza Yellow 45 Satin Sheet

Giza Yellow 45 Satin Sheet

Giza Yellow 45 Satin Sheet

Photo: Cuddledown

Cuddledown pillows

800 Fill White Goose Down Sateen Pillow

800 Fill White Goose Down Sateen Pillow

What thing in your house has extra sentimental value?

My Cy Twombly. This thing brings me to tears. The first time I went to MoMA, I think when I was 17, there was a Cy Twombly exhibit. I come from a small town. I had only seen Picasso before, but I knew nothing about art outside of the real kind from the classical perspective. I walked into this exhibition, and it was very moving for me. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to have something in my possession, in my home.

Seven or eight years ago, I was working in Paris and there was this gallery that I went to to see how we could borrow some posters because we were setting up an apartment to bring in the press and to show the calligraphy. An artist friend of mine happened to be working in the gallery when I walked in, and so the owner let me borrow real art, a Cy Twombly drawing. I sat under it for a whole week at the press. In the end I was like, “Listen…just tell me the price.” The owner was actually closing his gallery and wanted the piece to go somewhere where someone would love it, and he could tell I did. I had to call my broker and say, “Can I do this?” And he said, “You can never buy anything again.” I said, “It’s okay!”

Do you have a room or area in your home that serves an unusual purpose?

I have a bathroom in the back of the house and the toilet area is completely covered with pictures, concert tickets, notes people have written me, badges, my invitations from the White House, and any special stuff. It’s this kind of muddled catalog of historical memories. It’s just been installed, it’s not fancy. Nothing framed. I just hit sh*t there. Whatever I want. This is the only bathroom no one else uses, it’s my bathroom. And I guess I wanted to feel the character. There are some things I don’t want anyone else to see.

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