Texas ranch blends modern amenities with historic details |

This historic Texas home is special, not only because the home dates back to 1905, but also because it was built by the current owner’s grandparents. Recent comprehensive renovation and updates make it one of the The best homes in the world.

The layers of history and strong personal bonds between the home and its owners called for an expert and sensitive approach to the renovation. With that in mind, interior designer Anne Grandinetti at Ashby Collective came up with a plan for a new home that maintains the spirit of the property, while properly updating its facilities.

The Wallisville property comprises of a main house, guest cottage, and newly constructed swimming pool and pool, all set in extensive farmland and grounds, with longhorns, alpacas, donkey, horse, chickens, and goats enjoying the outdoor space.

Entry hall and stairs with mural wallpaper with country theme

(Image credit: Shadow Degrees)

The entrance hall contains a mural dedicated to Houston artist Rusty Arena. The mural depicts moments in the history, buildings, and animals of the property. there are many Entrance ideas Well worth the borrowing from this space, particularly the way it introduces the color palette to the rest of the property. The dark greens and soft browns of the artwork set the scene for a home that embraces these warmer natural shades.

Parlor with table and bench seating at bay window and patterned drapes

(Image credit: Shadow Degrees)

The owners call this their salon, but at its core, it provides additional seating and dining space.

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