Top 5 room decor ideas that will turn your interior into a barbequer fantasy

There’s no avoiding it—pink has taken on a life of its own over the past few months, thanks to the firepower from the multi-million dollar Barbie movie marketing machine. While the tenants of the Barbiecore aesthetic may seem to be fairly new and fresh, influencing everything from fashion to entertainment and of course room decor, the fact stands that true devotees of the movement have known about its infectious effervescence for decades now.

Naturally, the look lends itself perfectly to the celebrity life with its vibrancy and glamor, with high-profile names like Angeline and of course Paris Hilton, who count themselves as supporters across generation gaps of opulent pink opulence. But if you’re new to the Barbiecore movement, let’s break it down into simple terms: Taking its name after the iconic Mattel doll and its life of pink plastic, the idea is to layer pink upon pink, with touches of doll whimsy thrown in for good measure.

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As all movements do, this one too has seen its fair share of highs and lows, as public opinion of it oscillates between an outlandish novelty to a disgraceful symbol of bimbofication. In the state of recent conventions, the Barbiecore aesthetic has come to be a much-needed breath of fresh, strawberry-infused air that heralds confidence and confidence in a post-pandemic world.

So, if you’re looking to bring a little of that infectious cheer into your space and turn it into a Barbie dream home of your own making, here are some great room decorating tips you might want to consider!

1. Nailing the right shade Barbicure pink

The most obvious way to hop on board Barbicure The room decor band comes as no surprise, by painting your walls the right pink. But choosing the pink that best suits your space is crucial, as different hues and shades can alter the visual proportions of a room, making it appear either smaller or larger than it actually is. So choose wisely!

In the case of Barbie’s exact shade of pink, it leans heavily into a semi-light tone of purple. The closest possible paint carrier to match this pink from Pantone™ is PMS Rhodamine Red U.

If painting your room pink seems like too much of a commitment (understandably), you can always choose to add pink accents like throw pillows, lamps, or a mirror to your space instead.

2. Consider adding a mid-century modern piece of furniture

introduced in 1959, Barbie And the accompanying dollhouse was inspired by the mid-century modernist trend that was taking architecture and interior design by storm at the time. Mid-Century Modern design, often abbreviated to “MCM,” refers to an aesthetic typically characterized by clean, geometric lines swirled by splashes of color and an interplay of materials such as wood, glass, and metal hardware.

This most iconic design featured the first of its kind Barbie Dream House The collection, presented as a two-story loft filled with wood façade and MCM pink, yellow, and blue furnishings, represents the pinnacle of luxury living for the Mod era.

Naturally, you can score some extra points Barbicure Refers to adding mid-century modern furniture to your room or home, such as a sofa. Fortunately, post-MCM furniture pieces can still be found in most stores. Bonus points if it’s pink, max Barbicure Room decorations.

3. His camp

Another clear design format that is common in Barbicure Naturally aesthetic, camp. If you missed the show’s notes from the 2019 MET Gala theme, camp simply refers to “a love of artifice and exaggeration,” as American author Susan Sontag describes.

Of course, given how kids are the intended target demographic for Barbie franchise, the motif of camp has always been inherently woven into the fabric of the brand and its imagery through its terrifying, larger-than-life interpretation of reality.

You can bring a touch of camp to your living space as well by incorporating decorative touches such as pillows in the shape of a pair of lips, an oversized heel that doubles as a seat, or even a cloud-shaped light fixture.

4. More is more

In the Barbie Universe, extremes are king. This means that when your life is plastic and cool, you won’t have to worry about downsizing or shrinking things, whether it’s in terms of your wardrobe or your home. When it comes to the latter, forget about taking the pages from Con Marie Minimalism and find joy instead by filling your happy space with happy things.

Think LED strip lights or fairy lights for ambiance, or plants in fussia pots to bring nature into your home dream house. There really is no bric-a-brac that is too big or too small in this one Barbicure imaginary.

5. Don’t forget about scents!

Of course, a big part of enhancing the ambiance Barbicure Space further out your furniture and décor by scenting them accordingly. With an entire market dedicated to room scents ranging from stone diffusers to candles and even sprays, the options here are truly endless.

For branding purposes, floral scents are your best bet. Some great choices include Jo Malone Peony blush and suede home candle, or Red flowers home candle. For a more budget-friendly alternative, Champagne toast And tea rose Three-wick candles Bath and Body Works She is also absolutely perfect.

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