What is the quiet trend of luxury?

    Two images of calm luxury interior decoration on a white marble background

Two images of calm luxury interior decoration on a white marble background

You might have seen girls wearing stylish clothes while scrolling through TikTok. You may have seen modern and minimalist interiors on your Insta network. Or maybe you just clicked on this one and want to know what quiet luxury is all about. No matter why you want to know more about her, I’m here for you.

The quiet luxury aesthetic is having this RN moment, both in terms of fashion and home decor. I usually like things with a little more color, but there’s just something about the elegance and refinement of this trend that makes me want to completely revamp my décor.

Confused where it all started and what does it all mean? I’ve taken a deep dive into the origins of this trend and explained how it translates into interior design. Basically, any questions you may have about this topic will be completely answered by the end of this article.

Oh, and even though the look is about luxury, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it on a budget. I’ve also rounded up a few buys to help you get the look in your home, even if you don’t live in a penthouse (and if you do, I’m SO jealous).

Come with me – we’re almost here TRUE extravagant…

Answered your quiet luxury questions

This is definitely one of the biggest styles of 2023, but it seems to have come out of nowhere. I wonder where it came from and what is all this about? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the quiet luxury style?

In short, quiet luxury is simple styles, patterns, and cuts that exude refined taste. At first glance it can’t be identified as ‘luxury’ – only on closer inspection can you tell it is, from craftsmanship. I’ll give you a fashion example – it’s like wearing a nice Gucci dress, but don’t wear a Gucci belt with a big “G”. It’s less about obvious brilliance and more about subtle elegance.

Where did quiet luxury come from?

Quiet luxury itself has been around for centuries, with its roots dating back to the Renaissance. Although Everywhere On TikTok, it’s certainly not a new trend either — designers have loved this cutting-edge approach to design for years.

It has also seen a boost in popularity recently thanks to the HBO series Succession (Shout out to all my Kendall stans!). The show, which follows a wealthy family of billionaires, showcases polished interiors and smart outfits that are luxurious but never flashy.

What is quiet luxury design style?

In terms of decorating your home, quiet luxury is all about cool-colored furnishings (such as white, navy, and black) in a simple style matched by rich finishes. Instead of feeling luxurious, it feels super chic.

Get the quiet luxury look under $50 with these six decor buys

Don’t worry – you don’t need to shell out money to get this lavish look. Here are my favorite picks for bringing quiet luxury into your home on a budget…

1. Cotton pillow case

Size (inch): W20 x L35
made of: cotton
price: $26.99

Make your quiet luxury dreams a reality with this throw pillow cover that looks like straight out of a hotel room. The sharp lines of the inlay are extremely important from an aesthetic point of view, as is the contrasting, monochromatic pop. Match them with pure white sheets for a super crisp finish.

2. A large stone vase

Size (inch): Height 11.75 x Width 11.5 x Depth 2.5
made of: stoneware
price: $39.99

Want to know my secret to adding elegance? vases. Do you know how to add more elegance? Picking a vase is like a piece of art. I’m not entirely sure what this vase means or represents, but I can tell you that I think it looks really beautiful and unique. He doesn’t even need flowers to add effect.

3. Emily Vanity Tray

Size (inch): H0.75 x W3.94 x L7.68
made of: glue material
price: $11.89

If you can’t afford marble countertops but still want that swirling texture in your home, this is the answer. It’s a cute and convenient tray that can be used anywhere in your apartment. For example, you can use it as a utensil tray in the kitchen, a main dish in the hallway, or even a small cosmetic tray in the bathroom. possibilities Endless.

4. High-pile cushion decorative prop

Size (inch): 17″ wide x 17″ tall
made of: polyester
price: $9.97

There’s one fabric that always looks luxe but is never OTT glamor, and that’s faux fur. Oh, it’s so relaxing to relax. For just under $10, you can get two of these pillows for both ends of your sofa, or even just get one to turn your accent chair into the biggest seat in your apartment.

5. nuLOOM Arlena Vintage Traditional Area Rug

Size (inch): 48W x 48L
made of: polypropylene
price: $43.19

I love using area rugs to ground out my living room. They can really change the style of each department. The glossy, iridescent paisley print of this picture is absolutely gorgeous, and I think it would look very elegant contrasting with the wood floors. FYI, it also comes in a white and gray version if you want something lighter.

6. Amazon Essentials Four-Tier Jewelry Stand

Size (inch): 16.5H x 6W x 6D
made of: Metal
price: $25.79

One of the easiest ways to bring quiet luxury to your wardrobe is to wear delicate pieces of jewelry. Then, with subdued luxury interiors, go for gold and silver accents for the tiniest splash of sparkle. I brought these two ideas together and chose this beautiful jewelry stand, which has plenty of space for all your trinkets.

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