This 853-square-foot Austin bungalow has colorful millwork in every room

After spending a long 2020 in New York, Emily Kerans, founder of Emily K Interiors, was craving a change. So the designer and her country walked southwest to Austin. Within a month, Emily’s mother, back in Connecticut, connected Emily with her first local client and soon-to-be friend Jacqueline Siegler. Jacqueline planted herself in New York, … Read more

Newly minted Real Housewife Gina Lyons on her Cy Twombly boyfriend and bathroom full of pics

to The Real Housewives Devotees (those who worship the Bravo franchise, its elite group of elites, and the infamous carnival of drama that follows them), fashion phenomenon Gina Lyons was the surprise announcement of the show’s New York reboot (premiering July 16). Each of the women featured in Andy Cohen’s world of reality TV, of … Read more

Instagram decorating |

Farmhouse style, the most popular interior design trend according to Instagram searches, “prioritizes practicality, simplicity, and rustic charm.”Unsplash’s photo The ’70s saw avocado-green refrigerators, “harvest gold” stoves, and floral wallpaper. While these colors were aging by the 1980s, the blue and dusty rose they replaced wasn’t necessarily an improvement. Anyone who remembers the ’70s and … Read more

Patricia Altschul offers luxury home decor

Patricia Altschul is from the popular American reality series, Southern Charm The Patricia Altschul Collection on HSN (Home Shopping Network) features gorgeous home decor and fashion from the famous superstar. Southern charm. From sheets and pillows to kaftans, robes, and even safari cocktail napkins, the chic collection offers something for everyone. It features a variety … Read more

How do you show Barbie on TikTok?

The “Barbie Manifestation Method” is gaining viral status on TikTok, so we have to agree with Aqua: “Imagination, life is… for you Create.” In case you weren’t aware, a Barbecue moment (like those Barbie vs. Oppenheimer memes) exploded ahead of the movie’s premiere on Friday, July 21, and it seems the Queen of Mattel has … Read more

I am an interior designer. Here are 12 things you can do to boost your space for under $50.

Upgrade your space without going over your budget.Cluster renewal I am an experienced interior designer with Block Renovation who has transformed thousands of rooms. Swapping out different lampshades and lamps changes the ambience of a space without breaking the bank. Add dimension to your home by playing with mirrors, and don’t be afraid to hang … Read more