Millennial’s side hustle costs $0 to start, and now it’s bringing in six figures

Trained fine chef Sean Odette was studying in Winnipeg, Canada, when he was introduced to food photography. Now, it’s his full time job. Sean Odette Sean Odette stumbled upon photography as a career by accident, and almost for free. It was 2016, and the trained chef was running a temporary restaurant two nights a week … Read more

These eco-friendly home décor companies encourage local talent and create magic out of waste

Hyderabad: Natural Raw Materials, Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Processes, Evolving Business Models: The furniture industry is becoming greener in response to increasingly quality and sustainability conscious consumers. More consumers are becoming proactive in their pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle, whether by choosing brands with ethical or environmentally sustainable practices and values ​​or by discontinuing purchases of … Read more